No one can argue the fact that a quality camping lantern is indeed essential for you to have a great camping trip.

A quality camping lantern can ensure that you won’t spend your trip stumbling around in the dark. It can help you illuminate your campsite, navigate a dark trail, read a book in your tent, and still do so much more.

But the question that comes to everyone’s mind is the same: Which camping lantern is right for you? With so many great camping lanterns out there to choose from, making a choice can be quite perplexing and overwhelming as well.

To make sure that you get a clear head start we bring to your attention our attention seeker Camping Lantern: The Multifunctional 3-in-1 Design Rechargeable Camping Lantern together with more choices!

Multifunctional 3-in-1 Design:This outdoor camping lantern has 2 modes of light:white light and warm light, the warm light creates attractive flickering flames,which looks like the real flame.It is not only a LED outdoor camping lantern,but also a flashlight.Press the button can turn on or turn off the flashlight.

Advanced Retractable Design:Pull it up to turn on the lantern, the light is white,pull it down will fully Retract the lantern to turn off the light, then pull up again can turn on the lantern and the light will change to the flickering flame.The retractable design wont take up much space,it is portable to carry when outside.

Material and 3 Charging Modes: This LED camping light made of high quality ABS is lightweight, compact, durable, shock resistant,IPX6 waterproof. It can be charged by solar energy or a charging line, also it has a USB interface which can charge your phone when emergency.

Easy to Carry: This LED camping Light has horizontal and vertical foldaway handles, you could carry by your hand or hang your lantern from a branch, beam or tent-pole.You can also use to hand-carry your flashlight – a separate handle and switch (in the bottom).

Wide Application: This portable solar outdoor camping light with ultra bright flashlight is suitable for work light, book light, reading light, hurricane lantern, emergency outages and blackouts light, car auto emergency light kit, perfect for camping, hiking,fishing,mountaineering,emergency lights,tent lights and other outdoor activities