Ear Sound Amplifier Hearing Assistance Mini Hearing Aid Behind the Ear with Earplugs Volume Adjustable Audiphone

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A crowd of old people have hearing impairment. It is really awkward to ask for repeat again and again. If you, your relatives or your friends are struggling with hearing impairment, why not buy this professional hearing aid for yourself or the people you know to solve this embarrassing trouble? It has 4 kinds of adjustable volume for your free adjustment. High-grade material and ergonomic design ensure both good durability and excellent comfort. This hearing aid is easy for operation and convenient to carry. With it, you will get clear voice by yourself. For further information, please buy this Mini Behind Ear Sound Amplifier Volume Adjustable Digital Hearing Aid Audiphone with Earplugs!

  • Suitable for people who has hearing impairment, helping you rediscover the happiness of listening
  • Its high quality microphone can filter the noise caused by air flow, keeping sounds clearer
  • Smaller and lighter in size and weight, easier and more comfortable to wear
  • It is a superb gift for your relatives and friends
  • 4 kinds of volume is adjustable, “1” is the minimum volume and “4” is the maximum
  • O” is for power off, “N” is for power on
  • Earplugs in 2 different sizes can meet most of people’s needs
  • A black box is provided, convenient for outdoor carrying
Material Acrylonitrile & Butadiene & Styrene Copolymer
Dimensions (1.97 x 1.81 x 0.79)” / (5 x 4.6 x 2)cm (L x W x H)
Weight 0.32oz / 9g
Color Brown


Additional information

Frequency Range

450~3800 hz

Working Voltage dc


Working Current


Feature 2

Hearing Aids For Deaf People , Ear Care

Input Noise

≤30 dB

Feature 1

Hearing Amplifiers , Hearing Aid , sound amplifier

Max Sound Gain

38dB ± 5dB

Max Sound Output

125±4 dB

Model Number

Adjustable Tone Hearing Aids



Brand Name


Item Type

Ear Care

Product color



20 X 20 X 20 mm


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