About Us

Passion & Customer Service Is In Our DNA

What we really do?

We offer various latest & trending fashion dresses, shoes, gadgets at extremely low and affordable prices.

We keep a keen eye on the latest & trending products and work round the clock to source them at the prices which are lucrative to you as a customer. We work with the best and dedicated international shipping firms to provide you with a comfortable and happy shopping experience with us.

Our Vision

To be your No. 1 Online Stop For Latest & Trending Gadgets. We are working on it day and night to reach near that goal. We do know we have to strive hard to get there. But we are getting there step by step.

We always strive to be industrious and innovative as much as we can. But to errr… is human. We encourage our customers to provide us suggestions which can help us in working on our weakness and convert them into our strengths. Thereby, providing you the experience your long and deserve.

History of Beginning

After years of deliberations, ifs and buts finally justklip was born in 2016. We are a team of UK educated entrepreneurs living in China working day and night to take Justklip to a level where we can further provide our customers even the best of best deals.

Shop with us and we assure you,you will not be disappointed. All good things start with a baby step butΒ  with careful nurturing and determination, end up as wonderful creations. We intend to be one of those wonderful creations. We are working on it and will continue to do so till we become a part of that verse.