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The Best Bully Sticks For Dogs 2020

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ValueBull Medium 6 inch Bully Sticks are just perfectly sized dog treat to keep your small and medium dogs properly satisfied and occupied at their snack time. These bully sticks are all natural and made with only one ingredient which is sourced from grass fed, free range and grain free cattle. No wonder why Dogs can’t resist the flavor and texture of these popular Bully Pet Sticks. When provided on a regular basis, chewing on bully sticks will help remove tartar and naturally clean your pet’s teeth and gums.

Provided on a regular basis, chewing on bully sticks helps removes tartar and naturally cleans your pet's teeth and gums.

Many reasons why you should onsider these America’s finest Bully Sticks for your pet friends.

Wholesome natural treats made from free-range, grass-fed, grain-free, beef & buffalo.
Medium bully sticks 6 inch are perfectly sized for small to medium dogs; large dogs enjoy them too!
Beef bully sticks have a natural taste and texture that dogs go wild for.
Easily digestible, high in fat, low in protein; a great alternative to rawhide.
Better oral health outcomes; regular chewing on bully sticks keeps teeth and gums cleaned naturally.
Hand measured for size and quality, allow for natural variation.
Origin: Sourced in South America, India, Bangladesh and Turkey, produced in the USA.

What are bully sticks?
Bully sticks are sometimes called pizzle sticks, steer pizzle or beef pizzle which gives a clue about their origin. They are dried steer or bull penis. Many dog owners are completely unaware of this and are a bit shocked when they find out. A survey of vets has shown that not all of them were aware of this either! This may be because many producers refer to them as “tendons” or “dried muscles”, presumably to spare the blushes of their customers.

How are the best bully sticks made?
The process of making valuebully sticks for dogs is fairly simple. The moisture needs to be removed so that the product will last long enough to be shipped to consumers. The penis is removed from the carcass and cleaned, stretched and twisted. Then it is either sun-dried, oven baked or smoked to remove water.

What sizes do the best bully pet sticks usually come in?
Pizzle sticks for dogs are available in a range of lengths and thicknesses. The most common lengths are six or 12 inches but widths are highly variable. Some producers hand-pick the sticks for packing to try and ensure consistency but this is not always possible because it is a natural product.

How can I store the best bully pet sticks?
Some brands of bully pet sticks for dogs are supplied in resealable bags with zip tops and these are handy for bigger packs that you need to open and close many times. You can store bully pet sticks at room temperature but some dog owners prefer to store them in the refrigerator or in the freezer. This increases their shelf life and makes them harder.

Are bully sticks safe?
The two main areas of concern about the safety of bully pet sticks are physical and microbiological safety. In terms of physical safety, there are concerns about bully sticks presenting a choking hazard. This can be largely controlled by selecting a brand that is too large to fit into your dog’s pharynx and by close supervision. Once the stick is too small to be safe, take it off your dog. The other physical danger is teeth breaking on very hard sticks but, on balance, most vets think that the benefits to dental health outweigh the risks of broken teeth.

Beef bully sticks have a natural taste and texture that dogs go wild for.

How often should I give my bully pet sticks?
Obesity amongst dogs is a real concern and bully sticks are very calorie dense. On average, each six-inch stick will deliver 88 calories. This is a third of the recommended daily caloric intake for a 10lb dog and nearly 10% of the recommended daily caloric intake for a 50lb dog. However, if your dog does not eat the whole stick at once, it can last for several days and you can spread the calorie intake out.

5 Things To Know About Bully Sticks!

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