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Top 3 Best Bead Seat Covers For You

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Bead seat covers offer free air circulation and thereby provide comfort while working or driving for long hours. A good ventilation system for such bead cover seats is a must for it to be able to last longer. A bead cover seat also helps you withstand any pressure on your back, butt and thighs. Such bead seat cover not only provide you with the necessary comfort but also protect your car seats/upholstery against high temperatures, rusting, dust, fading and cracking of original seat covers. Most such bead cover seats are pretty easy to install.

On a flat seat pressure points build up in one area or another that do not exist or are lessened on seats using the bead seat covers (something which is helpful for people suffering from sciatica and as a result are very sensitive to any pressure on the nerve)

The beads on the cover seat allow the body to flow into the beadspaces and on the curved surface of the beads instead of the body compressing unevenly on a flat seat surface. Beads also provide a comforting Massage effect. Related to the motion on the bead cover seat, when you move you get a gentle massaging effect on the muscles that can help stimulate blood flow to the previously pressured areas and prevent knot formation in the muscles.

Top 3 Bead Cover seats which you could consider for yourself or for someone you deeply care about.

EXCEL LIFE Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cover

This bead seat cover works as a Massaging Cool Cushion for Car Truck. Keeps your Back From ‘Getting Sweaty While Driving’. It also Makes Driving More Bearable And Less Painful On Long Trips. Made from high-quality natural wood bead, works for whole year around
The beads, made from high-quality natural wood, are double strung on heavy line for sturdy and long-lasting construction. Proper Spacing between beads creates a perfect ventilation system which helps Protect your upholstery, help to relieve tension, stress, aches, and pains.

Zone Tech Wooden Beaded Car Driver seat Cushion


This is a Natural Double Strung Massaging Universal Comfortable Car Seat Cover Cushion with High Ventilation. The Zone Tech Natural Beaded Seat Cushion is specifically designed to give you an effortless, gentle back and thigh massage while you are seated either in your car seat, office chair or the like. Without any doubt this is the kind of comfort you would indeed wish to have after a very long day at work or an event which has been quite knackering on you.

The cushion is made of high very quality wooden beads that won’t break when you sit on them . This bead cover seat is especially designed with small gaps in between the beads so as to allow good circulation of air. This specifically helps in lowering the temperature on your back and thighs—undoubtedly, the hottest regions especially when you are seated.

ObboMed Higher Shoulder Back Wooden Beaded Car Seat


The 4″ higher shoulder back, extra 4 rows of beads are added on the shoulder area to avoid direct contact between your shoulder/ back and the seat for better air ventilation. This allows the air to flow freely and as a result keep you dry and cool during hot and humid summer days. This design also increases the massage area and as a result the whole of your shoulder, back, thighs and hips can be properly and comfortably massaged every second you sit on it.

This wooden bead cover seat cushion, made of 100% high quality natural wooden beads and double strung with 0.8mm pure nylon, can be universally fitted onto most car seats or chairs with a back. The adjustable back straps (as provided) and bungee cords (as provided) allow the seat cover to be used on seats with different widths. This also keep the wooden bead cover seat to stay in place at the same time.

The ObboMed SW-7210 Wooden Beaded Car Seat Cover provides you a great and effortless gentle , soft massage on your back, hip and thighs with every slight movement that you make while you are sitting on a chair that is fitted with ObboMed wooden bead over seat cushion. This gentle massage is indeed similar to acupressure, which helps in relieving fatigue and pain caused by long sitting working at office or home or driving in a car.

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