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Why you need THIS Electric Clothes Drying Rack in 2020?

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    The Electric Clothes Drying Rack puts the power of a conventional dryer in the palm of your hand. It is much more than a clothes hanger. The dual action HOT AND COLD technology is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to dry your delicate clothes. The rack also quickly and safely dries your clothes without any hassle right on the hanger. No mess and no damage whatsoever.
    Not only can This Electric Clothes Drying Rack be used to dry clothes, but can also be used to dry shoes by adding special parts. Just insert your shoes onto the special attachment provided, connect it, and dry it! It then works as a shoe dryer, and it can also be used as socks dryer too.
    It comes with Cold wind and hot wind, two gear temperature adjustment. As the machine is turned on the hot air mode is automatically turned on. It must be mentioned that the clothes are dried pretty quickly with warm air at 50 ° -60 °. After 3 hours, the clothes will automatically switch to the cold air state (though it can also be manually switched to cold air at any time).
    The drying rack can dry not only one piece of clothing but also multiple pieces of cloth. The load-carrying capacity reaches 5kg, which is a good help for our daily life.
    The Electric Clothes Drying Rack is indeed lightweight and portable, making it perfect for use while traveling! It can be easily packed away in your suitcase. It’s super-quiet and produces no lint. Electric Clothes Drying Rack which works as a travel clothes hanger and portable dryer also eliminates bad odors and wrinkles ! Isn’t that great!
Electric Clothes Drying Rack - Multifunction Portable Shoes Clothes Rack Dry, Cold and Hot Wind Electric Drying Rack Eliminate Bad Odors and Wrinkles-Clothes Drying Rack


  • It is suitable for damp, cold, rainy weather, to help you dry and disinfect your clothes and a variety of textiles. It can hang clothes hanging in the rack so that your clothes will not wrinkle, the Equivalent of Steam iron.

Electric Clothes Drying Rack. How it Works?

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