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Best Selling Party Game For Horrible People!

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Only Horrible People, if you are one, are invited to discover this crazy hot selling party game of Cards!

The Version 2 game contains New 150 cards. In total it contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards for maximum effect.

The party game is governed or you can say run by a booklet of sensible rules for the game and as well as preposterous alternate rules. How amazing can it get!

Each round of your cards against humanity game, one player gets to ask a question using a black card. While, everyone else gets to answer with their funniest white card.

This game of cards can be played even with 3-4 generations in the group. It is that easy and exciting. Believe it or not, you as a family or as a group of friends would soon come to realise after the game the laughter and enjoyment you all had been missing. If this game of cards for you all horrible people fail to bond you all as a group then nothing ever can. It is that effective!

Can’t wait to get your hands on this pack of cards against humanity. Right! Well, there’s plenty of them for you all horrible people who would like to get their hands dirty with ‘Cards Against Humanity‘. Get on the action. Have fun this festive season! Get Bonding Again!

Best Selling Party Game Cards Against Humanity

What is the main game of cards against humanity?
The cards against humanity game is simple. Each round, one player gets to ask a question using a black card, and everyone else then gets to answer with their horrible/funny white card.

How old should you be to play cards against humanity game?
Cards against humanity is fun, but the box recommends it for players that are 17 years of age or older.

How do you get to win Cards Against Humanity Game?
Well, First, You Play until you’re sick of it. Better still, if you are interested in a more defined end point then you can play until one player either gets five points or 7–10 for a longer game. Whoever, gets the most points at the end of the game surely wins. One fun way to end the game would be to use the “haiku” black card just for the final round of the game.

Who goes first in Cards Against Humanity Game?
To start the Cards Against Humanity Game, each player gets to draw ten white cards. As per the rule book provided with the game, the person who did most recently pooped (a sort of primitive randomization) gets to begins as the “Card Czar” (or “Card Tsar”). And thus plays a black card, face up. Interesting, isn’t it!

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