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Best Fitness Tracker in 2019

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Do you need an activity tracker for trekking, or for counting your dance steps at a night out party or a wedding celebration? LETSCOM fitness tracker of 2019 keeps track of your fitness with a wide array of new smart wearables. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is a very affordable bluetooth tracking bracelet made of rubber/silicone. It has enough features which make it one of the best everyday fitness trackers of 2019.

Heart rate and sleep monitor provides you with two most important sets of data about your fitness. Camera control, call and message reminder, alarms, full large OLED touch screen, wrist sense, built-in USB plug, and IP67 water proof are some of its amazing features which truly makes it the best everyday fitness tracker of 2019. This waterproof fitness tracker not only tracks your everyday achievements such as your steps, calories burned, distance covered and more but also help you stay motivated towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This fitness tracker is suitable for both men and women. And you can Connect this tracker to the “Very Fit Pro” app on your phone via Bluetooth, then the tracker will vibrate and display relevant information when calls and messages come in.

With 14 exercise modes, this fitness band counts itself among the best activity trackers and connects with your phone’s GPS feature to tell you the accurate time, speed and distance and track the steps walked and calories burnt. The Letscom Fitness Tracker is one of the best fitness trackers/ bands available in the market. It tracks all the essential parameters and is indeed a good product to have. Before you consider LETSCOM fitness tracker we would highly enourage you to go through the common questions as listed below, which might help you understand as to why you need a fitness tracker and above all why LETSCOM fitness tracker.

What does a fitness tracker do?
An activity tracker, also popularly referred to as a fitness tracker, is a device or an application for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or jogged (run), calories consumed, and in some cases heartbeat rate. It is a type of wearable computer.

Is LETSCOM the best activity tracker?
It’s one of the best fitness trackers which you can use with fitness features such as a guided breathing, heart rate tracker, swim tracking and better notifications. It also keeps track of your activity data during up to 14 sports such as walking, running, and Yoga. You can also see pace & distance covered during runs or rides by connecting the tracker to your phone’s GPS.

Are smart watches worth it?
Smart watches certainly have some great features. And those who use them it is certainly worth the money. If you just need a watch for casual use, then going for the traditional would be more a better choice than the smart watch.

Can a fitness tracker be used without a smartphone?
Yes you can use fitness trackers without smartphones.

How does letscom know I’m asleep?
Using a process called actigraphy, your tracker translates your wrist movements into sleep patterns. And there is so much more to monitoring sleep than just simply measuring the tossing and turnings. Brainwaves, eye movements, and breathing are also required to determine the difference between deep REM sleep and light sleep.

Does this watch need a training time to count the steps?
No. LETSCOM fitness tracker has a built-in 3D sensor, it registers your steps when you swing your arm. And it will automatically reset itself if you just walk continuously less than 40 steps. Should you want to test the accuracy of the pedometer then please walk casually and continuously up to 100 steps or more. Then please compare the recorded numbers with your actually walked steps for judgment of the accuracy.

The activity data will be cleared every 0:00am as a cycle, but the device itself could restore 7 days’ data. It must be noted though that after 7 days, the data will be cleared. Please do sync data with app at least one time within 7 days during use. Sync data from tracker to phone, method: In connective status, go to the homepage interface in APP, swipe down the screen to synchronize data to APP.

Can you use LETSCOM fitness tracker without a phone?
Yes, you can use LETSCOM fitness tracker without smart phones. All fitness band can be used without smart phones, you will get all your work out details like heart rate, calories burnt, distance covered and other details on your fitness tracker itself. However you won’t receive them on your smart phone You don’t have to take your phone with you, the app will catch up with activity data when you next sync with your phone.

What app do I use for Letscom fitness tracker?
Letscom’s mobile app is free to use:use the tracker with our customized “VeryFitPlus” app for data reports and more functions. The app works with iOS 8.0 or later/Android 4.4 or later system, BT 4.0 or later.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Review

An easy to use fitness tracker. Lets find out if its worth a purchase.

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