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Portable Backpack Toilet

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Perfect & Practial Portable Toilet Seat for Camping or Emergency, School Lock Downs, Disaster Kits, Hiking or Hunting.

Fits-In-a-Backpack – Collapsible and can hold a 350lb. person. Camping, hiking, boating, rafting, remote job sites or whenever ‘Crap needs to Happen’. POT-T is reusable, degradable; the only emergency toilet of its kind in the world.

POT-T Portable Outdoor Travel-Toilet Perfect for Camping or Emergency

How it can control diseases and provide sanitation?
Think earthquakes, fires, electrical outages, wind storms, stranded emergencies. POT-T’s size and mobility means you can immediately contain and deny insects from vectoring human waste which will contaminate precious food and water resources. It must be acknowledged that often more people die post disaster from open human feces carrying diseases like Hepatitis and Cholera than from the disaster itself.

Can you set it up under 20 seconds?
POT-T is used with our degradable Liner and sets up in 20 seconds or less. Anyone over the age of 4 years, can use a POT-T and its liners anywhere, even on rough un-even ground.

What Certifications and Approvals does this portable seat carry?
It is DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) tested and approved. POT-T is a ‘next-generation’ innovative personal sanitation product in use by elements of USA Military. POT-T’s compactness and stability often serves as a universal ‘resting seat’, a feature not available with any portable toilet seat. POT-T makes ‘mass sanitation care’ extremely affordable and remarkably easy to distribute.

How long can this portable toilet seat last?
POT-T and its liners have a working life of approximately 5-10 years and a storage/shelf life of 20 years. POT-T can easily outlast costly vinyl or plastic toilet structure. But you need to keep it in a reasonably dry place.

Another practical and portable backpack toilet & accessory combination for you:

Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Toilet Storage Back Pack

COMFORTABLE. This backpack comes with padded adjustable straps.
Separate zippered compartments isolates used from unused waste kits .
Durable 600 denier nylon and heavy-duty zippered compartments

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Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System

EASY. One person can set up or tear down in under a minute.
ROOMY. 64” zippered privacy door, 4’x4’ ‘ floorless’ base for sanitation purposes, 6’6” tall, folds to 28”x6”. Can be used for a shower or changing room as well.
ECONOMICAL. Pretty much less expensive then buying all parts separately.
COMFORTABLE. Indeed more comfortable than using an outhouse or porta-potty.
CONVENIENT. Portable, compact and lightweight.

Time for you to buy a portable toilet indeed. Enjoy your camping, hiking or hunting or any other outdoor activity with this portable toilet by your side.

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Portable Outdoor Travel-Toilet Setup Assembly

A step-by-step video demonstrating the ease with which a POT-T can be set up for use almost anywhere.


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